Baby elephants like body surfing.

This is the first time this baby elephant sees the ociean.


Tutorial - FCPX 10.1 Time Remapping: The Sequel

This is an update of my speed remaping tutorial, there were a few really important tidbits that I left out so if you want to be a real pro and understand it all, you should really checkout this piece.


Tutorial - FCPX 10.1 Audio Channels and Sync Clips

There are multiple ways to get into detailed audio editing in Final Cut Pro X. What you find is MOST of the time you just need the audio as is from a clip but on those occasions when you need to strip out invididual tracks there are a few tricks you need to learn about dealing with Multiple Audio Tracks in a clip.



Tutorial - FCPX 10.1 Speed Ramping 

It was a beautiful calm peaceful Saturday afternoon in January when I got a series of tweets from my friend Jason Wingrove basically saying that the Speed Ramping in Final Cut Pro X 10.1 was not good… too hard to select points… whatever… he didn’t like it and then when I didn’t respond, he basically called me out. “Missed Opportunity” was what he said basically so I took the challenge… drove to the office and made this for all of you. 
Speed Ramping in FCPX 10.1… not too hard.


Tutorial - FCPX 10.1 Roles and Localization

Roles is a little understood feature of Final Cut Pro X. They become most powerful when you have to export at the end of a project. In this tutorial we’ll look at some really powerful features that make it really easy to create International “Localizations” versions of a file and be able to do them all in ONE step.

By the way, I need to credit my friend Alban Egger from Austria for turning me on to the idea of using Roles for Localization. Brilliant way to implement this feature.